About Us

We first started off as a small compay in ROTTERDAM, NETHERLANDS and have extended our branches in few years to the UK, HONGKONG and UAE. Our offices function at all the three main sites of work.

 We have a core team of professionals who take atmost care in each and very activity performed  day today. 

We commit ourself by giving our clients and seafarers the best quality of service by working 24/7 with core team of professionals.
Our core activity concerns transportation of seafarers, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We arrange punctual taxi pick up services according to the needs of the managers from any pick up points mentioned to us.
We have seamen centres ,incase a seafarer requires a short hotel accommodation during their trip from the airport to the vessel and vice versa.
We arrange premium hotel accomodation for seafarers at a very economic cost along with bed and breakfast.

we started initially with the agency work and today we provide services for all sectors in the maritime industry.
Right from Technical assistances that include Terminal operations, Ferry service, Linesmen,Offshore Service , owners matters ,Ship broker and warehousing.

We have team of qualified professionals who are well experienced in Ship Repair. We have worked sigh number of tanker vessels in the recent years. Our team operates in Germany,Netherlands and the Uk. We take incharge in booking berths and have our own workstations. We take incharge of all ISPS registrations required during the period. We provide with quality in the products or spares used during the repair as all of them will be as per tested standards. We aim to provide quality and swift work.

We have strong partnership with our close associates in the industry regards to any matter of concern that requires the special assistance. We build a relationship with every such supplier or partner adding our trust and sincerity to them.

Finally, We focus on strong in-house accounting and book keeping which is dupported by a block of administrative team. We make sure there is a solution for every possible situation .
We value each customers and are interested in their challenges in this industry. We extend our support to every customer and take pride to work for them.

Our Goals

Service Excellence


Secured Service