We have a team of highly professional Engineers and Labour in The Netherands, Germany, UK ,Hongkong and UAE who can successfully make the given job  to the best of the possibility. They will pre-inspect the vessel and suggest the requirements, the material  required at a very cost effective margin for the proposed job. 

We make sure time management is the key for this job in order to satisfy the managers and owners interest. Our well oriented team of engineers can install prefabricated parts on site and at out fully equipped workshops of our own.  

Our team consists of certified welders.

Our offer possibility of hiring-out skilled personnel.

When we start out any repair project we work 24 hours a day in order to complete job in a specific time provided to us.

We offer a full range of repair possibilities as below,

• Main engines; Auxiliary engines; Pumps and other related equipment;

• Turbo blowers; Separators; Machining of crank shafts in situ;

• Replacement of anchors and anchorchains;

• Generators, electrical and refrigerating equipment;

• Design, manufacturing and installation of all kind of stainless steel expansion joints (bellows);

• Overhaul of winches and additional hydraulic system;

• Hatch cover repairs;

• Ship cranes;

We specialize in extensive steel jobs, such as collision-damage repairs;

• Lifeboat davit systems, load testing, G.R.P. repairs;

• Welding of complete range duplex materials, certifica


During the vessel port stay, we make sure all the ISPS registrations will be taken care by us for the necessary  jobs.

Ship Yards

Our fully equipped yard, recognized as a port facility under the ISPS code, is easily accessible and offers all the facilities to moor your ships in a safe and comfortable manner. With a wide waterfront and a solid onshore power supply, we can accommodate vessels in all shapes and sizes. Maintenance crews can be flown in and accommodated in the  most efficient way. In short: we can provide you with lay by berth and all all the facilities required to keep repair and maintenance down time to the absolute minimum.

Ship Spares

We provide with all the ship spares and parts required for the repair at a very economic cost for the managers in order to satisfy them to our most.we make sure the spares will reach us on time as we are in partner with local suppliers who will provide us with parts best suited with guarantee for owners satisfaction.