Technical Assistance

Our team of staff assist the captain and his crew, reserve berthing, order pilots, tugs and linesman services, ensure customs and port clearance, implement crew changes,transhipments and  order for other required assistance for  and provide any other services our principals require.

Terminal operations

Our range of terminal operations services consists of:

  • Stevedoring
  • Loading/discharging of bulk cargo vessels
  • Pulling of unaccompanied trailers
  • Mooring and unmooring
  • Container handling
  • Grab hire
  • Warehousing
  • Receipt and delivery (gate control)
  • Packing and unpacking
  • Load security/heavy lift handling
  • Handling of intermodal cargo units
  • Handling of export cars, incl. quality checks

Mooring / Unmooring

We ensure 24/7 that ships can arrive on time and above all, safely at the berth or leave their berths on time.

This is due to our reliable standby service with a short reaction time and the close cooperation with the ship’s agency, the pilots, tugs and ship’s crew.

 All our employees are trained and certified according to BOSIET.


We are associated with a companies engaged in various maritime services like internal audit, ISPS audits, prevetting inspections, damage survey, compiling of SMS, port captains, cargo survey and claim survey and Flag State Inspections.

We can also arrange services such as:

  1. Arrangement for L.S.A/F.F.A & Boiler survey job.
  2. Arrangements of Radio Survey
  3. CO2 Bottle Weightment, refilling and pediodical survey.
  4. Supply Of Various Main Engine/ A/E spares And allied machines from old ship breaking yard.
  5. Deck/Engine Stores.
  6. Navigational Equipments, BA Charts & Publications
  7. Various Stores like, Cabin Stores, Provisions, Bond Stores…etc
  8. Scrapping, cleaning and painting work.
  9. Tank/Hold/Hatches Cleaning & Washing
  10. All sort of under water services.
  11. Garbage and sludge disposal

Warehouse Logistics

We offer our customers all services promptly with  covered warehouses for open storage, the wooden containers for long-term storage, the pallet spaces and have deep freezers for special needs.

Our daily business also includes additional services such as pre- and onward carriage to the warehouse, order picking, repacking, sorting and palletizing, scaling, stowing consultancy, courier and special transports as well as project consulting for individual requirements.

Our bonded and free warehouses located in the ports of Rotterdam and Amsterdam,UK and combines excellent road and direct waterfront connections. The warehouses are used for consolidating shipments from multiple suppliers for an efficient on board delivery both short- and long term storage.

Our unique Crane Barges are the essential link for on board delivery and we make sure to be in contact with all suppliers for planed delivery to the vessel onboard.